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Packing Materials used:

  • Air Bubble Sheet
  • Bubble Role
  • Straping Tape
  • Cartoon Boxes
  • Foam Roles
  • Thermocol Sheet

Warehouse services

One of the main trusted names in the provision of the most reliable warehousing services is the Indianpackerscommunity. Several loading docks with enough space for storage of receiving and shipping materials are included in the warehousing facility.

While forwarding them to a different destination, we know the value of freight safety. We recognise that any harm to freight will cause our client a substantial loss. Therefore we take essential safety measures to ensure that no harm is incurred while transportation. For this purpose, we also provide warehousing services to our customers.

We have a team of experts who are well trained to treat special materials and who know the particular procedures. From the moment they arrive at our loading docks and go through the receiving process to the stocking sites, they retain inventory controls for your materials.

The warehousing facility is available for corporate, commercial users as well as individuals where products are stored for a definite period of time under the care of a service provider at the destination of choice. For export cargo, we store and ship in compliance with the orders of the customer, while we arrange delivery from port, store and ship directly to the specified destination at the same time as imports.

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